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By creating blog posts specific to your accounting firm’s local area, you can attract more potential clients from Google searches.

Here’s an excerpt from our guide on improving your business’s performance in local search:

Local search, and what it means to you

If you run a small business, chances are you’re primarily a local business—you might do some sales on your Web site, but a lot of your sales come from word-of-mouth or walk-ins to your physical store.

Local businesses face special challenges when it comes to marketing in the search engines. After all, there are probably the “big guys” in your industry that dominate the search results for your market, and competing with them can be extraordinarily difficult.

Luckily, Google and other major search engines have your back—they make it easy to get on the map (literally and metaphorically!) and will even favor local results over “global” ones in some cases.

Let’s talk about how you take advantage of all this.

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